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Partnership Loan Program

Program Partnership Program to Small Business Enterprises is a program to improve the competence of small business in order to become resilient and self-reliant through the utilization of funds from the profits of SMEs. Bank Mandiri Partnership Loan Program is a new loan facility for working capital or investment needs are provided to prospective Patronage Partners feasible but not yet bankable.


– Eligible small businesses.

– Have never received any loan from Bank Mandiri, other Bank or other SOEs.

– It has been running the business at least 1 year and have prospects to be developed.

– Preferred to small businesses and cooperatives that do not have access to banking (not yet bankable), has assets / turnover per year maximum of $ 1 billion.

Loan Features

– Limit the maximum loan of Rp 30 million for individuals / USD 100 million for cooperatives.

– Maximum period of 3 years.

– Interest rates do not rise (6%).

– Free provision and administration.


– WNI.

– Meet the criteria for small businesses.

– Has never received a loan from Bank Mandiri, Bank or other SOEs.

– It has been running the business at least 1 year (individual) and 2 years (business entities / cooperatives) and have the prospect to be developed.

– Preferred to small businesses and cooperatives that do not have access to banking (not yet bankable), has a maximum of Rp 200 million asset / turnover per year maximum of $ 1 billion.


– Mild interest rates.

– Soft loan terms.

– Soft loan guarantee.

– Guidance in the form of training, mentoring and promotion that aims to foster and enhance the ability of Patronage Partners became a strong and self-reliant businesses.

Patronage Partners Development

Through the Partnership Program, Bank Mandiri supports the development and improvement of competence of small business which is the nation’s economy drive wheel. Small entrepreneurs who are involved are treated as equal partners. Therefore they are called Mitra Mandiri Patronage. In order to rapidly grow their businesses, the bank introduced the Patronage Partner with banking services in the form of loans non-commercial partnerships.

In addition, Partners Patronage also given guidance in the form of training, exhibitions and publications in the media. Through partnerships and loans given intensive coaching, expected Partners Patronage can be a tough businessman, independent and ethical and to be able to access commercial banking facilities.


The difficulty small entrepreneurs are not just about capital. To develop the business, they also need support in the form of coaching education, training and mentoring. Bank Mandiri has conducted training motivations and simple bookkeeping Partners Patronage in the hope that can make the financial statements, have the business instinct and spirit high leadership and a strong will to develop the business as a visionary.


Bank Mandiri other commitments in the Partnership Program is to develop small business marketing. For that purpose Partners Patronage included in various exhibitions both at home and abroad.

In addition to the exhibition, the bank also promotes business profile and products Partners Patronage in national print media including newspapers and magazines. These promotional efforts are expected to expand the marketing network and increase productivity Partners Patronage. It also can be a source of inspiration for the general public especially the younger generation to bring entrepreneurship motivation. The end goal is to produce more new entrepreneurs are persistent and ready to compete in a healthy manner with competitors at home and abroad.