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The high level of poverty in Indonesia resulted in the low ability of communities to taste the world of education. In addition to the limitations of physical education facilities, poor quality and the welfare of teachers, the high cost of education and low educational equity opportunities in Indonesia, also caused a lot of people who do not get proper education facilities. For this reason, the bank chose education as the main basis for advancing the nation through the implementation of Mandiri Education Care program.

Bank Mandiri to realize that education is an important element of forming a nation. The better education shoots nation, the higher that houses the nation's welfare. As a bank that cares about social welfare and national economic growth, the bank is committed to safeguard the success of education through
Mandiri Education Care (MPP), which aims to support the sustainability and success of quality education in Indonesia and to create future leaders of an independent and ready to global competition .


One of the main activities of
Mandiri Education Care is Mandiri Edukasi which has been conducted continuously since 2009. The purpose of this program is in order to participate in the nation by providing knowledge about leadership, entrepreneurship and banking in particular Bank Mandiri to the younger generation.

The program is implemented through the provision of public lectures with leadership material for students in Higher Education hosted by the management of Bank Mandiri. Whereas banking education materials for elementary students, junior and senior high school elements presented by the management of Bank Mandiri in the local area.

Mandiri Edukasi in 2009 entitled “Berbagi ilmu, tingkatkan kepedulian pendidikan Indonesia bersama insan Mandiri” was held simultaneously in nine universities and 360 elementary schools, junior high and high school. For Mandiri Edukasi  2010 themed “Ciptakan Anak Mandiri dan Kreatif jadi Pemimpin Negeri” was held at 13 universities and 219 elementary schools, junior high and high school. While the Mandiri Edukasi 2011 themed "Kesungguhan Mencerdaskan Anak Negeri” was implemented in 14 universities and 198 elementary schools, junior high and high school.

In addition to students and school students basic and advanced Mandiri Edukasi
courses are also conducted for Teachers, among others, through the implementation of the Workshop on “Penguatan Kapasitas Guru dan Mahasiswa dalam Pemahaman Konseptual dan Penulisan Ilmiah Populer”  in cooperation with the Tempo Media group. Workshop held in 5 cities namely Attack, Navan, Surabaya, Makassar and West Nusa Tenggara with a total of 161 participants from 45 high school teacher / vocational school and 22 students from 30 universities.

Training Program for Writing and Creative Writing teacher also carried out in collaboration with the
Rumah Perubahan Foundation Indonesia with a total of 130 participants from 80 high school teacher / vocational school.


Bank Mandiri concern for education was also shown to teachers who have provided energy and thoughts to guide the younger generation. Awards and attention is manifested in the form of gifts for teachers excel. Through activities that are consistently implemented since 2005, is expected to further spur the creativity of teachers that could ultimately benefit the students.

The award is given each year to 231 teachers from 33 provinces and implemented in order to contribute to welcome Independence Day. The teachers selected to receive the award are teachers in remote areas, teachers who have outstanding achievement and dedication as well as Special School teacher who helps students who bear the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and / or social, to be able to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude in a reciprocal relationship with its environment. Since implemented in 2005 through 2011, awards have been given to more than 1,900 teachers, principals and School Achievement Supervisors.


Bank Mandiri to realize there are many young people who have high academic ability but can not continue their education due to financial limitations. Departing from that issue, then since 2007 Bank Mandiri Mandiri implement Achievement Scholarship program.

In doing so, scholarships are awarded in collaboration with the University and several agencies, among others, Sampoerna Foundation, the National Movement for Foster Parents, Quran Study Center, the Foundation works Salemba Four and others. Implemented since 2003, has awarded scholarship assistance to more than 30 thousand students.


Bank Mandiri support the sustainability of education in Indonesia through the provision of adequate learning facilities and infrastructure in the form of construction / renovation of school buildings and laboratories, provision of educational facilities which include computers, printers, mebeulair and provision of library facilities and books.

Since 2003, has carried out the renovation of more than 270 schools, providing educational supplies to more than 540 schools and providing books and library facilities to more than 273 schools.

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