Mandiri Provides Rp 3.53 Billion in Assistance for Disaster Victims

Thursday, 30 January 2014
Bank Mandiri has provided assistance worth a total of Rp 3.53 billion to disaster victims in various parts of the country. The assistance, in the form of 22 thousand packages of basic necessities as well as essential equipment, was donated as an expression of Bank Mandiri’s social concern for the victims.
Of the total assistance provided, 3,000 packages were donated to flood victims in Manado, North Sulawesi, 3,150 packages to flood victims in West Java and 2,900 to flood victims in Central Java. Thousands of other packages were distributed in various other parts of Indonesia.
Bank Mandiri is also working closely with the Jakarta Provincial Government to distribute assistance worth Rp 730 million to flood victims in the city. The assistance consists of 53 water purifiers and 2,000 packages of basic necessities. The aid was handed over symbolically to Jakarta Deptuy Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama by Bank Mandiri Deputy CEO Riswinandi in Jakarta on Thursday (Jan 30).The assistance will benefit people in 32 of Jakarta’s sub-districts.
Riswinandi said that in addition to the packages of foodstuffs, medicine and blankets, the Bank was also providing water purifiers as the flood victims were in desperate need of clean water.
The domestically produced water purifiers do not require electricity. In addition to being used during the emergency response phase, they can also be used subsequently in areas of the city where accessing clean water is always difficult.
The water purifiers have been deployed in various locations around Jakarta, with 2 in Central Jakarta, 11 in North Jakarta, 10 in West Jakarta, 11 in South Jakarta and 19 in East Jakarta.
“It is important for us to ensure that the benefits of our presence in the community are truly felt. Moreover, public support for Bank Mandiri has made it the largest bank in Indonesia,” Riswinandi said.
He said that the Bank Mandiri Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program , also known as the Bank Mandiri Partnership and Environmental Development Program, was focused on three key pillars: First, self-reliance through education and entrepreneurship, which is promoted through the “Wirausaha Muda Mandiri” (Mandiri Young Entrepreneur) Program and the Mandiri Peduli Pendidikan (Mandiri Cares for Education) Program, both of which are designed to help mold future leaders who are capable of meeting the challenges of global competition.
Second, the creation of self-reliant communities through the “Mandiri Bersama Mandiri” (Self Reliant with Mandiri) Program, which involves the integrated mentoring of community groups and communities in the areas of capacity, infrastructure, capability and access.
And finally, the delivery of environmentally friendly facilities through six key programs: providing water supply infrastructure; developing renewable energy; planting trees on critical land; planting and maintaining mangrove trees; developing urban parks, and promoting eco tourism.