Mandiri Builds Homes For Fisherfolk

Saturday, 17 May 2014
Bank Mandiri, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, has provided homes for underprivileged families in Mauk, Tangerang Regency. A total of 26 homes, worth Rp784.5 million, were constructed with the assistance of Bank Mandiri management and staff.

The homes were built in Tanjung Kait and Tanjung Anom villages in Mauk subdistrict, which is located on the north coast of Tangerang regency. The villagers are generally categorized as being below the poverty line, with the majority of families earning their livelihoods directly from fishing or the fishing industry.

Bank Mandiri Deputy CEO Riswinandi said that Tanjung Anom village needed about 200 new homes, while 300 other homes were in need of renovation. In addition, he said, Tanjung Anom also requires 800 indoor toilets to be installed in people’s homes, and nine public toilets / bathhouses.

“The construction of these homes will hopefully provide a little help to the people of Tanjung Anom with one of their basic needs –a home to call their own,” Riswinandi said.

He said that fulfilling Indonesia’s housing needs would require the collaboration of various parties, including banks and other institutions. For example, he said, the total housing requirement up to 2030 is estimated at 29.6 million units. If it is assumed that the supply of housing will average 400 thousand units per year, this would only provide some 8 million units by 2030.

This, he said, would result in a housing supply shortfall of 21.6 million units. He said that the banking sector alone would be unable to make up the shortfall as the sector’s current mortgage lending capacity was about Rp 100 trillion, while the total mortgage financing required to cover the housing shortfall was estimated at some Rp326 trillion.

“This collaborative venture that we entered into with Habitat represents an effort to satisfy at least some of that large demand for housing. Hopefully, as such ventures become more common, more Indonesian people will be able to get decent homes to call their own,” Riswinandi said.

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia National Director James Tumbuan said that Bank Mandiri’s commitment to meeting the nation’s housing needs with in line with the ideals of Habitat Indonesia.

“We are committed to providing decent housing to 12 thousand families in Indonesia each year, or about 60 thousand families over the course of 5 years. Through our collaboration with Bank Mandiri, we hope that our goals can be achieved more quickly,” James explained.