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Mandiri Education Boosts Knowledge Economy in Indonesia

Thursday, 25 October 2012
Education is the key to the progress and future of the nation. Consequently, the development of education must be one of the priorities of this nation if we do not want to lag behind others. To that end, all components of the nation need to help promote the development of education in Indonesia.

The banking industry is no exception. Since 2009, Bank Mandiri, through its Mandiri Education Program, part of the second pillar of the Mandiri Environmental Development Program (self-reliance in education and entrepreneurship), has demonstrated its commitment and concern for the development of education in Indonesia.

With the theme "Innovation for a Self-Reliant Indonesia,” the 2012 Mandiri Education Program is intended to expand insights and knowledge, and introduce the role of the banking sector in contributing to the development of Indonesia to elementary, secondary and university students. Simultaneously, on Thursday, 11 October the 2012 Mandiri Education program was held in 198 schools and 13 colleges, reaching some 19,800 elementary, middle and high school students, and 6,500 college students from across Indonesia.

In his address at the Mandiri Education event at the University of Indonesia (UI), Bank Mandiri Commercial & Business Banking Director Sunarso said that the entire board of directors and more than a thousand employees of Bank Mandiri were simultaneously involved in directly providing training in schools and colleges so as to enrich the knowledge of students about banking, education, and leadership. He said that this amply demonstrated Bank Mandiri’s seriousness about expanding access to knowledge and character building.

After the opening ceremony, Sunarso delivered a lecture on leadership and the role of the banking sector to more than 300 students. He explained that to be a leader one must have both integrity and intelligence. "One of the signs of a potential leader is that he or she always makes a contribution to the community or group. In a group discussion, for example, if there is a problem he or she will be quick to offer ideas and resolve problems," said Sunarso.

The lecture concluded with a question and answer session that took place in a relaxed but still critical atmosphere. Besides delivering his public lecture, Sunarso also extended assistance in the form scholarship funds to Sunarji, SE, MM., UI Deputy Rector for Research, Development and Industrial Cooperation. The scholarships, worth a total of Rp 960 million, were awarded to 20 high-achieving UI students facing financial difficulties.

Sunarji said that the Mandiri Education Program had had a positive effect on motivating students to do better. "I see that the Bank as an institution is not just about business for profit, but also cares about the development of national education. I think the Mandiri Education Program is great," he said.

Violen, a fifth semester student in the Faculty of Economics, said she was very happy to have participated in the Mandiri Education Program. "The material is very motivational and really broadened my horizons, not just about the banking industry, but also about character and leadership," she said. Similar comments were voiced by Driki, a student in the Faculty of Computer Science: "What Pak Sunarso had to say was very interesting and was something that we do not get from our formal lectures. It can open people’s minds and awake dormant interests," he said.

Spirit of innovation
In addition to the University of Indonesia, bank executives also delivered public lectures at the Riau State University, Lampung University, Sultan Ageng University, Tirtayasa - Banten, Paramadina University - Jakarta, General Soedirman University - Purwokerto, Sebelas Maret University - Solo, Malang State Islamic University, Pontianak State Islamic College, Tadulako University - Palu, Mataram University and the University of Papua.

In the case of Bandung and its surrounding areas, the Mandiri Education Program was kicked off by Bank Mandiri Micro & Retail Banking Director Budi G. Sadikin. The event also featured a workshop held in conjunction with the Mandiri Young Entrepreneur Program (WMM) in the Trans Convention Center, which was attended by 1,000 students. The workshop was held as part of the WMM program, which to date has staged workshops in five cities -- Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Makassar -- with the total of 3,500 students participating.

"Through the WMM workshops and the sharing of knowledge and experience through the Mandiri Education Program, we want to encourage the younger generation in Indonesia to innovate so as to become independent and resilient in the face of tight competition. This is part of the Bank's commitment to always growing with the community and the people of Indonesia, "said Budi G. Sadikin.

In addition to entrepreneurship workshops, continued Budi, the bank had also pioneered programs to interest young people in entrepreneurship, such as the WMM Awards, Mandiri Young Technopreneur (MYT), WMM Goes to Pesantren, the National Lecturer Series, WMM Goes to Vocational School and, most recently, the Mandiri Bersama Mandiri (MBM) Challenge.

The Bandung workshop featured prominent speakers and motivators, including Perry Tristianto of The Big Price Cut Group, Hari S. Sungkari, a Director of Mitra Mandiri Informatika, and motivator and 2011 joint WMM/MYT winner Rene Suhardono, who shared their experiences and provided tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

The total of Rp 12.4 billion has been distributed in Mandiri Achievement Scholarships to 260 students from 13 universities. In addition, the bank has provided assistance worth Rp 990 million to 198 schools for the procurement of library books.

Source : Seputar Indonesia

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