Achmad Rofiq, Children’s Animated Films Produced by Indonesians

Thursday, 01 November 2012

In the midst of the incessant showing of foreign-made cartoons on television and in cinemas, a student from Malang, Achmad Rofiq (31), is producing animated films that feature a strong Indonesian character.
The animated series Songgo Rubuh (now being aired on MNC TV) and Kuku Rock You (shown on Kompas TV) are just two of his successes, and differ from the animated films that are normally shown on television in that they are imbued with Indonesian character, including the storylines, names, characters’ faces and clothes. The series Songgo Rubuh, for example, focuses on two Javanese soldiers named Songgo and Rubuh, who are overcome by boredom as palace guards and do all sorts of things to pass the time — sometimes silly, sometimes naughty and sometimes even dangerous.
For Rofiq, that fact that his animated films are being shown on national television is, of course, a remarkable achievement. In fact, he only managed to get his work on the screen for the first time in 2012, even though he had been making animated films since 2005 when he and his friends were studying in the Visual Communication Design Program (DKV) run by Malang State University. Together, they took the plunge by founding CV. Kdeep Animation, with venture capital funding of Rp 50 million.
Among Rofiq’s other works are Bio Zone which took first and second prizes and Best Viewer Choice Narration Animation Award (Animation Awards) from Parahyangan University, Bandung, and a Best Animation Award from Mafvie, Malang. He also produced the films Pentil-Pentol, which won the HelloFest Vol. 1, Jakarta, and A Kite, which received a special award as the best animated film at the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) 2008.
Children and Families Segment
Rofiq’s work was spotted by a British animation company, Blue-Zoo Animation Studio, which asked him to produce a year-long film series worth Rp 5 billion. However, the offer was rejected by Rofiq as he felt he was not yet ready to work with a foreign company. “I felt nervous and scared as I had never worked on a direct investment project involving a foreign company,” said Rofiq. But the offer still makes him feel proud as it shows that his work is on a par with that of overseas animators.
To expand his business, Rofiq is more interested in working with domestic investors who share the same mission. In October 2011, CV. Kdeep teamed up with the Digital Andalan Nusantara Group, with the venture eventually morphing into PT Global Digital Maxinema (DGM), in which he now holds the position of managing director. The sole intention is to make animated films with an Indonesian character that are capable of competing with the likes of Shaun the Sheep or Upin Ipin. The collaborative venture turned out to be a success and gave rise to animated films such as Baby Dian, Catatan Dian, Songgo Rubuh and Kuku Rock You, which later made it onto the small screen.
Children and families make up the market segment targeted by Rofiq. “We deliberately decided to focus on the children and families segment as the films can be watched by children under the supervision of their parents,” said Rofiq, the second of four brothers born to Cholik M. Sholeh and Siti Qusnah. He no longer only makes animated films, but also advertisements, video clips, company profiles and so forth. Rofiq firmly believes that domestic animated products can compete on an equal footing in the international market. He is even willing to go head to head with Disney, which continues to dominate the global animation market to date.
Fostered by Bank Mandiri
Rofiq said that what really put him on the road to success was his winning of a 2010 Young Entrepreneur Award in the creative industries category (postgraduate and alumni section). After he received the award, his business began to grow rapidly, with turnover doubling to Rp 2 billion.
“Ever since them, I have been receiving guidance from Bank Mandiri on business ethics. This is very important and has been something I have relied on in doing business, and will continue to do so in the future,” said Rofiq. Doing business, he added, must be based on self-confidence, trust in others and trust in God. It is these business ethics that have become the vision of PT. DGM. In addition to business ethics, Bank Mandiri has also provided him with management training, assisted him with promotion in the print and electronic media, and sponsored his participation in various events and exhibitions. These are the things that have kept his business expanding, he says.
The success enjoyed by Rofiq does not only benefit him, but many others besides. He has teamed up with a number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and vocational schools to ensure that his success is shared. “In Malang, I built 8 animation studios that work closely with SMEs and vocational school graduates. These studios provide back-up for our main studio (PT DGM),” explained Rofiq, adding that they also supply animated content to his company.
More proof, if any is needed, that Indonesians are capable of achieving success through their own hard work.
Tips for Success
  • Focus on quality by applying international standards as references, whether for visuals, sound, or storylines.
  • Have a special style: storylines, names, characters’ faces, and clothes that are characteristic of Indonesia.
Animation Production Process
  • Basic story concept.
  • Development of character, determining market segment (age of children).
  • Selecting genre: humor, comedy, adventure or drama.
  • Development into movie.
  • Story board (process of turning the script into visual language in the form of picture panels and dialogue).
  • Involve director and animators in the process.
  • To be a creative production house that is comfortable for all employees.
  • Always insist on top quality through the unlimited use of technology, information and imagination.
  • Serve as a symbol of national pride
  • Make all stakeholders proud through satisfactory earnings
Contact Details:
PT Global Digital Maxinema (DGM)
Jl. Gulf intersection Grajakan II/15A Malang
e-mail :
Mobile: 081333089574
Name: Achmad Rofiq
Place and Date of Birth: Pasuruan, 20 April 1981
  • 1999-2007 Malang State University, Department of Art and Design, Visual Communication Design Program
  • 2008-present, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya, Department of Gaming Technology
  • Winner, ASIAGRAPH Japan, 2008
  • Best Animation Director – Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) 2008
  • INAICTA Finalist – 2010
  • Winner of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur Competition 2010, creative industries category (postgraduate and alumni section).
  • Successful Young Entrepreneur – Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, 2011

Source : Ide Bisnis Magazine